The #1 Program For Selling Personal Training and Fitness Services!
The #1 Program For Selling Personal
Training and Fitness Services!


They All Laughed When I Said I Sold $89,705 In Personal Training Programs In Only 43 days...But Their Laughter Quickly Turned To Amazement When I Showed Them These Eighteen NOTARIZED Sales Agreements
From: Bedros Keuilian
May 25th, 2024

Dear Success-Minded Fitness Professional,

I can show you how to sell more fitness programs, increase your closing percentage, and convert more leads and prospects into paying clients all while increasing your average sale amount by as much as 600%...

…and I'll prove it to you.

Are you having any of these problems?

  1. You're a great trainer but you have a hard time selling yourself and your services to people who need it the most.
  2. You're tired of getting objections like “I can't afford it”, “I need to talk to my spouse” and “I don't have time to workout”.
  3. You're frustrated because even though you're getting leads and prospects, you're missing out on a lot of income and profits because you just can't seem to convert enough prospects into paying clients.

You're Not Alone

Over 90% of fitness professionals lack the number one skill they need to sell more of their personal training and boot camp programs.

If you own a fitness business or are responsible for bringing in the sales for a fitness center then pay close attention for just a few minutes because what I'm about share with you can mean the difference of at LEAST $100,000 to $250,000 in additional income over the next 12 months for you.

I know that sounds like a bold claim to make so let me prove it to you with the case studies of actual trainers (down below)... as well as my story.

I was awful at selling my training programs.

It frustrated me to no end to know that I lost a new client even though they could afford my program and even though I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could get them in amazing shape.

As it turns out, being a great trainer doesn't make you the most successful trainer on the block.


One day, a client of mine broke the news to me – “Bedros you're horrible at sales!”

His name was Steven and he owned a real-estate office across the street from the gym that I trained at… his entire multiple million dollar producing business was built on sales, so he knew a thing or two about the subject.

Of course my rebuttal to him was: “Yeah but I sold you personal training”.

To which he calmly replied: “No you didn't, you just took my order. You're an order taker, not a closer”.

His words cut deep.

The next day he brought me an audio program to listen to. The program was by Tom Hopkins, a guy who taught real-estate brokers how to sell.

That one program changed the trajectory of my life and my business because it got me to invest in my non-fitness skills, an area of my business, which I had unknowingly neglected for years.


For the next six months I invested in everything I could get my hands on to help improve my ability to sell my services and generate more money.

After a few short months I wasn't afraid of selling any more because I looked as myself as the assistant buyer and not as a sleazy sales guy.

Rather than using high-pressure sales tactics, I focused on educational based selling which made it much easier to convert leads and prospects into long term paying clients.

Before long I was converting 9 out of 10 leads into paying clients and my business finally hit the six figures in annual income.

I went from being broke and taking orders to routinely selling $50,000 - $75,000/month in personal training programs.

And I've got the proof to back it up.

So rather than TELL you about it, I'm just going to SHOW you the proof – because seeing is believing.

See, we keep all the "old" sales agreements in two really big filing cabinets in my garage. Recently I went into one of our old filing cabinet and randomly pulled out a handful of client agreements. You can see them below.

In just a matter of 43 days I sold 18 new training programs. That may not sound like a lot to you until you see that the total revenue generated from those 18 clients was: $89,705

But, don't take my word for it... HERE'S THE PROOF:


Client Contract Value: $89,705

Total Number of Sessions Sold: 2,376

  Click a contract to zoom in

In Case You're Still a Little Skeptical Allow Me To Give You Further Proof That I Am The Real Deal and That This System DOES Work...

But, don't take my word for it... HERE'S THE PROOF:

  • During a five year period I personally sold over 120,000 personal training sessions.
  • My (PERSONAL) best sales day was: $27,640 – that's a lot of training sessions to sell in one day!
  • My second best sales day was $17,400
  • And my third best day was $13K and change (I don't remember the exact amount)
  • I've owned and operated five ultra successful one-on-one personal training facilities
  • I've coached hundreds my top level mastermind coaching clients to massive (verifiable) success in excess of multiple six figures (you can see their case studies below).
  • I've helped two of America's largest training companies generate annual sales exceeding $21 million – each. In fact, they still use my Close Clients system as the sales process to power their multi-million dollar personal training businesses.

I hope you don't think I'm bragging…

See, I'm not telling you any of this to impress you.

I'm telling you this to impress upon you that I know what it takes to close the deal and routinely sell big multi-thousand dollar personal training and boot camp packages.

"In the past I've only shared this proven fitness sales system with my top coaching, consulting and mastermind clients who pay thousands of dollars for my time... but for the first time ever I'm making it available to you."

Today I'm on a different mission – I'm on the prowl for you, the motivated fitness professional who is ready to discover the single most important skill that will get you more clients, and help you generate reliable and predictable income from your fitness business...

...because the truth of the matter is that if you want to help people achieve their fitness goals you first have to get them to say yes to your offer and understand that you're the solution to their fitness and fat loss problems.

"I was going to send you an email but I had to call you up. I just close $40,000 in personal training in an hour and a half."

Listen to how Andrews closed $40,000 in PT sales in under two hours using the Close Clients system.


NASM/ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Chef

"Bedros, I have been applying your Close Clients sales techniques, and have combined them with what I already knew and what I was missing that I learned in your program and I have to say its been like an explosion! I am at a 100% closing ratio! I went from charging $75 for consults and closing 6 or 7 out of 10 to not charging and closing 10 out of 10. In the last 10 days I did consultations I have closed 21 out of 21! To the tune of $82,098!!!!!!!!!!!

($3960.00 of that was my new trainer that had never closed anyone and he closed a client after watching me use your system). Last month was my biggest month EVER and in this "economy". There were a few distinct things that I was missing that your program helped seal the deal, literally! "

Thanks so much Bedros. It truly has been AMAZING!

Florida, PureHealthStudios.com

Although I have been using your services for the past 2 years, this is the first time I am writing you. I want to let you know that you have been the great piece of the puzzle that was missing in my PT Business. I was somewhat successful before putting your services and teachings to work and in the last year alone I have added more than 65K to my PT and boot camp revenue. I am still learning every day, and I value your teaching and passion!!!

Now the Main reason I am writing you today:

I have been watching our trainers struggle in the past few months, so I got the two of them together on Sunday and taught them the close 9 out of 10 clients techniques, and methods. In Just 3 days they have signed up 30 clients on EFT. Holly crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part of this whole experience was when one of the trainers came to me today and said "for the first time he feels like he has real career". I thought I would share that with you, and let you know that your passion for Fitness and success has made my passion grow at a 100% rate. I have always loved fitness and helping other get fit but now I am even happier that I am making a crap load of $$$$$ doing it. "

Thanks so much Bedros. It truly has been AMAZING!



Hey Bedros,

How are you? This is Mike from Anytime Fitness in Indiana. I know that you probably get thousands of emails just like this. I wanted to tell you that since the close clients sales training we have generated $220k in personal training revenue and collected $98k in cash received between EFT and cash received in the last two months.

Not bad for facilities that are about 5000 sq ft and have about 1100 members. Don't mean to brag, but I told you when I double my business I would let you know. Well, I doubled it. 🙂


Anytime Fitness, IN

I ordered the Close Clients video on Tuesday just minutes after it was released and downloaded the bonus script and audio. After reviewing the bonuses and watching the video I couldn't wait to use the sales tools provided in the system. I got my chance on Saturday when I had a "drive by" that came in to get information. I scheduled her to come back two hours later for her free fitness consultation. Just as I was finishing up with her, the phone rang and it was an inquiry from an ad in the local paper. I asked her to come by the studio and get her free consultation...

Long story short, Saturday turned out to be a 100% close ratio grossing $5000! This is exactly what I needed to give me the last little edge I was looking for in the sales process. Thanks so much for putting this together. What a payoff for such a minimal investment!


I just wanted to give you an update on how PHENOMENAL the "Close Clients" video is. I told you that within just a couple of days using the system you teach, I had closed 100% of walk-ins and generated $5000. Well, another week has gone by and I've had 4 more fitness assessments. My close ratio is still at 100%, average ticket sale is $4000...and If we do the math, that is $21,000 in a week!! Don't wake me up...I'm loving this dream!"


Muscleworx Personal Fitness Systems

Hi Bedros,

Just wanted to thank you for helping me with my business. Using your easy to use sales methods I have been able to close more clients consistently for bigger packages day in day out.

I never thought sales could be so easy and so fun. Gone are the days of being afraid to ask for the sale. My average ticket transaction has gone up from $480.00 to $3200.00 per transaction!

Just this closing skill alone has added an additional $28,000 to my monthly gross revenue!

Thanks for everything


Fitness Concepts, CA


So I decided to get your video. To make a long story short in two days using your close 9-10 clients video I sold $17,520 in training. I watch the whole video last Friday, April 18th and then on April 21& 22 using the skills you presented on the close clients video I sold 144 sessions for $7920.00 and the next day close my highest program ever 192 sessions for a grand total of $9600.00 and the sweet thing about this is that I did not even do a sample workout.

In spite of what the economy is saying there are TONS of people that need our help. This video is worth Six figures to me!"


Cre8yurbody Personal Training

"Bedros, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how amazing your Close Clients system is (but you already knew that). Last January I used the Close Clients system exclusively to close 20 new clients. That's 20 clients with an average ticket of $720 per month on a 12 month contract. That means in a single month I added $172,800 to my facility's annual revenue. I never would have ever dreamed I could do that in a single month before your system – plus it was so unbelievably easy to do!"


Carter Fitness

"One of the most frustrating issues I had with other sales systems was the fact that they always wanted me to put everything in my own words instead of teaching me what to say when. The way you structure the orientation and teach what to say at the right time is invaluable in helping to teach a trainer exactly what to say until it becomes my own words.

This will be especially useful for me at this time since I have just been given the responsibility of turning a failing training facility into a successful one by teaching the trainers how to get clients. Like you I believe that learning from many experts and applying what works and ditching what doesn't leads to massive success. I know that you provide a huge piece of the success puzzle that was missing.

Fitness and Friendship,"


Hi Bedros-

My name is Adriel Yapana, and I'm an independent personal trainer.

As soon as I got your "Close Clients" video, I watched everything from beginning to end, absorbed the recommended strategies and took plenty of notes. I especially liked the included diagrams and the mentoring group brainstorm segment which was most helpful for me in formulating my own sales communication, I realized where I needed to work on myself, both verbal and written, and also the best use of my time with the prospect.

I like to choose the right tools to get the job done right and in this product, I've learned the right closing tools and how to use them. It's a must for every trainer.

To make a long story short, I recently got back in an environment where I have to close my own personal training packages. Unlike before where I was sent clients sold on a training package already and all I had to do was train them. I had to teach myself how to create my own leads and close my own clients.

Let me tell you, I studied and honed my skills the first week and the second week, I applied the strategies to my prospects.

Well, I revived my business the moment I used my new closing skills... I closed 2 big package programs: one a 12-month commitment of 5 sessions a week and the other, a 6-months package of multiple sessions a week. The skills I've learned from this product made an impact on my income instantly and I'm loving it!

As fitness professionals, we all get trained with these educational, sometimes mandatory fitness certifications to change bodies. This video should be a must for everyone who wants to get certified in "closing bodies," that is, your prospects!

Thanks again Bedros!


Glendale, CA

"Let me talk results. Within the first 30 days I was able to close 60 session package deal with a client of mine that I've been training one time a week for the past 14 months. Here's the best part, she's training 5 days a week for the next 12 weeks. Here's an even better part. I still only train her once a week for only a half hour and to do measurements. My staff trains her the other 4 days! Also, I was able to sell $3000 in personal training that I don't have to train myself! That is a huge accomplishment for me! "


Fitness Professional For Life

"I watched the Close Clients video a week after Fitness Business Summit and it made me realize what mistakes I have done in closing sales! It was a long video but for the first time in my life, I paid close attention to every single tip that Bedros gave out. It was just great. I thought that I knew a lot of things about selling packages but I didn't know that I had more potential if I followed Bedros' step by step system!

The result? I sold my biggest package in my short stint in the business! That particular package was bought by a skeptical celebrity who plays professional basketball! That was the first time I practiced the selling techniques of Bedros' from the video and it worked! It really worked! From that time on, I have been very confident in up-selling my prospects and clients to bigger packages. Every week, I sell at least 3 new 12 month programs! The long video was well worth it! Thanks a lot! "


Director, Motivation Sports LLC

Having already been familiar with Bedros' work, it was easy for me to purchase the Close Clients program. Along with my husband, we own a wellness studio providing health monitoring, personal training, nutritional counselling and lifestyle consulting to the busy professional. We are always trying to find ways to grow our business and help others achieve their goals.

I'll say it now, up until I purchased the Close Clients, I hated closing. I wasn't good with objections and as an empathetic person, it was easy for a client to say to me that they had to consult their husband or didn't have enough money even when these objections were identified in the beginning of the free consultation. I gave in and the sale was made (to their advantage, not mine). So between my husband and I, he was the closer and I was the lead generator.

Being the competitive person that I am, I decided it was time for me to close. I was comfortable with lead generation, pre-screening over the phone, even pre-qualifying during the free consultation, but my work for the month of October was to close 9 out of 10!

I especially enjoyed watching the Close Clients Sales Presentation and Bonus Closing Tactics. What I learned was that education is key during the consultation process when at one point I thought it would be too much overload for a new client. This new knowledge alone brought in 10 new clients in one week who signed up for at least 6 months bringing in $14,340 more a month for our business. This feels good for me because now I am able to contribute to the closing process with much more confidence.

As a result, we are one step further in working smarter not harder. As I continue to modify and perfect my presentation, I am excited to say that I am a closer and damn good at it too!


I am so grateful for all of the products I have purchased from Bedros, but the Close Clients system helped me immensely during the month of September.

I had just launched a new program and had begun transitioning my business away from one hour one-on-one sessions to small group training/boot camp style sessions.

I used the close clients system (and continue to use it) to help me better understand how to overcome objections (even before they are raised) and demonstrate value throughout my sales presentation in order to close 90% of my sales!

In the month of September I made $6500 for my new group training program! This is 3xs my best month in the fitness industry thus far!

I now have 33 clients more than the 5 that I started with!

I am excited to see what will happen as I continue to use this program and as I make my way through my recently purchased Art of Selling Fitness materials.

Thank you to Bedros, you and the awesome team of business coaches.


I purchased Close Clients and System 9 in an interim time where we were closing our studio in St. Paul and moving and opening one in Virginia. While I feel like our studio in St. Paul had slowly earned success over 8 years, I have used the techniques to establish our new business right out of the gates and have already met our sales goals in only 6 weeks of being open. I am so much more efficient at using my time and close 100% of new clients. There have been many valuable pieces of advice that I have put into action just from reading the newsletter as well. Thank you Bedros!!


The close clients system really helped me overcome objections. Now i know exactly what to say when i hear "I need to speak with my husband" or "I've got to check my finances" This is def a good resource to use even though ive had a lot of sales experience. I can see how it would really skyrocket a person new to selling fitness services.


After studying and applying the practical strategies from Close Clients, your system has given me a consistent 90% closing rate and continuous boatloads of cash in the bank! Now, time to go for the other 10% - what cha got?? LOL Bedros, you're the best!


I got “Close 9 out of 10” just because I wanted to see if this was really going to work, 9 out of 10? Come on! So I got it, I studied it and I did EXACTLY as Bedros says in the product. To my great surprise I closed 49 out of 49 consultations to the tune of $125,000!!!! I was SHOCKED! Bedros knows what he is talking about. This product is a great investment, get it, get it, get it!

How This Whole Thing Came To Be...

It all started when I set out to create a systematized sales approach for my own personal training business. I had plans to grow my business to multiple locations and since I couldn't be at every location, I had to find a way to duplicate my sales system though my staff.

Here's what I required of my program…

  1. The sales system had to promote and sell "big ticket" training and boot camp programs.
  2. It had to be easy to duplicate for my multiple locations and for staff that had no previous sales knowledge.
  3. And the entire sales system had to be educational based… no high pressure selling, I despise that stuff.

That was the beginning of the Close Clients sales system.


Since then I've spent more time developing, fine tuning, and re-crafting this incredible system that's proven to convert 9 out of 10 prospects into paying clients.

If you're a fitness pro, this sales process will help you close anyone who is sellable – period.

NOTE: This is NOT a marketing or lead generation system (although you do get an awesome lead generation funnel as a free bonus gift).

See marketing is everything you do to get leads and prospects to call, email, and come into your facility.

Selling is what converts leads and prospects into loyal paying client. And Close Clients is all about making you great at selling yourself and your services without every coming off as sleazy and without using high-pressure sales tactics.


See, I've developed the most potent fitness sales system and script for closing clients on big ticket training programs – more often – without any pressure and without having to deal with buyers objections.

Here's what you're going to learn from the Close Clients Fitness Sales System...



In this module you'll learn the psychology of the buyer and how to overcome their fears and resistance of working with a personal trainer.

This entire module is dedicated to understanding the prospects thought pattern and teaches you educational based questioning to help you uncover the prospects needs, wants, commitment level and potential objections before they ever come up.

Before you can sell anything, you've got to understand your prospects state of mind and make them feel understood.





As with anything, there's a formula to “selling, without selling” and a large part of that is you becoming the assistant buyer. However, your potential client is not going to allow you to become the assistant buyer until you can establish rapport and quickly position yourself as the local fitness expert.

In this module you'll learn the 7 secret steps to winning the prospect's heart and mind over and quickly positioning yourself as the local fitness expert so that you can become the assistant buyer and avoid any potential objections that may come up and kill your sale.



This is the core of the program. Simply watch, listen and learn this easy to follow script and process and make it your own and you'll never have to worry about losing a prospective client again. In this module we'll role play the entire sales process from the time the prospects walks in to the time sign the agreement and give you their payments.

You'll learn to control the entire sales process through body language, voice inflection, tonality, and by eliciting a desire to buy through the educational sales process that you'll deliver.

You'll discover how easy it really is to move a prospect to making the buying decision with zero sales pressure. This is truly the art of being the assistant buyer!





“I need to think about”
“I need to talk to my spouse
“I can't afford it”
‘I don't have time to workout”

If you don't follow the formula then you're likely to get one or all of these four objections when attempting to make the sale. And there's nothing that derails a consultation and kills your mojo faster than an objection.

In this module I'll show you how to overcome and avoid all four of these objection during the rapport building process so that they NEVER come up during your educational based selling process or worse, when you ask for the money.

There's never been an easier way to sell fitness programs then this.

SPECIAL BONUS: New Group Close Module! (Included Free!)

Discover How to Close 30-70 Clients AT ONCE With My Group Close System So You Can Bring in Boatloads of Profit in Even Less Time!

Even if you had a perfect closing rate, you’d still only be closing 1 client per hour. That’s great, but what do you do when you get 20, 30, 50, or 100 new leads from Facebook or your email list who want to come and start your challenge or promo on the same day?

This is where you need to close people in a group environment. Just imagine how much faster you could grow your fitness business if you were able to close 30-70 people per hour.

That’s literally an exponential increase in your income and impact!

Now obviously, what I’m about to share with you is an advanced technique--you’re going to want to get a good number of 1-on-1 closes under your belt before you start using this group closing system.

Still, if you start running ads and offers on social media for challenges, you might find yourself with 20-100 new paying challenge members who are all going to start the program on the SAME day. There’s simply no way to do one-on-one closing sessions with each of them. You simply won't have the time.

In this new bonus module--included FREE for anyone who purchases Close Clients--I’m going to show you the system I developed to reliably close 90% of prospects into clients in a group setting.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • When to schedule your orientation (this will make or break your conversion rate!)
  • The best time for you to start group closing, so that you can avoid embarrassment and jump right into group closing like a pro
  • Exactly how to set up the room for you orientation so you get maximum leads converted to paying clients
  • How to structure your presentation so every client is excited, trusting you, and ready to sign up by the time you reach the close
  • The one thing you MUST NOT DO at the end of your presentation (this will basically kill your close--don’t do it!)
  • A special trick you can use in your group close to make your testimonials even more powerful and convincing
  • A simple 5 step process you can use to create your presentation--no guesswork, just use this and you’re guaranteed to get those clients
  • How to counter and overcome objections for the whole group by giving them a special risk-reversal offer (It’s an offer they can’t refuse...like in The Godfather, but better...)
  • Exactly how to structure your close so that your leads will convert into loyal, paying clients without a second thought

Remember, this module is a FREE BONUS--included automatically as soon as you get Close Clients! So be sure to order now!



I'm also giving you access to a private two hour mastermind session that I did with my top coaching clients where we covered fitness sales and closing the entire time.

In this video you're going to be a fly on the wall as we role play incoming phone call scripts, actual sales consultations, dissect the entire fitness sales process, handle and overcome the top four buyer objections, present prices and programs, ask for the sale, and even go deep into the science of persuasion using Nuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the influential power of "inner self talk".

You'll even see me critique and tear apart their existing sales process and show you the big mistakes that you're most likely making that's causing you to lose clients and leave tons of money on the table.

And right before your eyes you'll see as they gain more confidence and improve and execute a perfect sales presentation. Best of all, you'll get the same results as you watch these training videos and go through the simple steps to double and even triple your closing skills and income.


And through this "fly on the wall" training video series you'll get all the benefits of being there live and in person without paying the $1,500 per person fee that they paid.

How The Close Clients Sales System Works...

Close Clients is a bona-fide proven sales system for fitness professionals of all levels. It's not a marketing system that requires additional expenses, cost, time or effort. This system is developed to take your existing leads and prospects and convert them into loyal paying clients.

It completely takes the guess work out of selling personal training and boot camp programs.

Here's how it works...

Let's assume that today you sit across from ten prospects each month. And let's assume that you close 60% of the prospects on an average training or boot camp program of $900.

This generates you $5,400 in monthly revenue.


Now let's apply the Close Clients sales script and system to this exact scenario, assuming again that you sit across from ten prospects each month - you can expect to close 80-90% of all consultations.


And since the Close Clients script and system has been crafted to promote and sell big ticket six and twelve month programs - you can easily increase your average sale from $900 to $2,500 (or more).

Using the Close Clients PT sales system you can generate $25,500 in monthly revenue versus $5,400/month without spending and extra dime on marketing and without any additional effort on your part.

Heck, I know these numbers may still seem ridicules to you.

That's why I gave you so much evidence by sharing with you my actual sales agreements and how my staff and I consistently closed $50,000 to $75,000 each in addition to the success the stories above from your peers.

And even if you cut the results of the example above in half you're still going to double, and even triple your current monthly revenue. And that's impressive no matter how you look at it.

Do the math yourself with your existing numbers and you'll see for yourself. The numbers don't lie. And like I said earlier, seeing is believing.


Best of all you no longer have to deal with inconsistent sales and unpredictable income. Close Clients gives you total control of your business. This is a true system and it's been proven thousands of times over.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try it out and see the results?

Here's What You'll Learn With The Close Clients System...

  • Discover why attempting to sell over the phone is the "kiss of death."
  • Get the simple script to convert phone inquires into sales consultations.
  • Four powerful questions to ask to identify the prospects "hot buttons" and get them to want to buy.
  • How to use the "options close" so you never have to deal with a "yes or no" again (this little gem makes buying a YES/YES option for your prospect.)
  • You'll also get a "fly on the wall" view of a complete sales consultation and presentation. You'll see one of my top mentorship clients take the prospect from the "meet and greet" to closing a big sale using the actual Close Clients System.
  • How to get every single client to agree to auto debit payments.
  • Why charging LESS is actually causing you to lose clients.

More Success Stories...

"This is my first product i purchased from Bedros. I was a skeptical about it but decided to do it. After learning Bedros Close clients sales techniques, i have gone from closing 4 or 5 out of 10 to closing to 9 out of 10. The first couple days after i learn these techniques, i sold $9840 in personal training. I remembered those numbers clearly because i was stoked! Thanks Bedros..


"I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Close Clients system! I purchased the video when I was working at a corporate gym and I ended up selling close to $15,000 worth of training in just a few weeks. Then I opened my own business and I use the tactics from Close Clients every single time I meet with a prospect. This has allowed me to have a 90% closing rate and given me a 6 figure business that I can train literally 3 hours per day!

Bedros, this video has given me the confidence to sell training programs and I have learned that it's my obligation to help people and to NEVER be afraid to ask for money. I am able to keep control of the conversation, dig for their pain and have them literally handing over their credit cards for 12 month programs after just 30 minutes of conversation.

Thanks so much for this incredible product, it was worth it's weight in gold! "


"Bedro's Close Clients system has been by far the best investment I have ever made. I can't even calculate the ROI. It is a proven step by step sales process and you will literally close 9 if not 10 out of 10 clients. Bedros has covered every scenario you will face and has the best answer for any objection you will hear. Just watch the video, practice a few times and then implement the system into your sales presentation and you will dramitically increase your conversion rate! Buy it now! You are missing out big time if you don't!"


"When I first got into the personal training business, I didn't have any clue about how to sell. My first personal training job was at a gym where there was no sales training for the personal trainers. You had to figure it out on your own if you wanted to make any money. After three months of spinning my wheels not knowing how to get clients I finally had enough. I started looking around the internet and found Bedros' Close Clients program. After watching this extremely informative video, I was ready to put the sales tools that Bedros gave me to work. I watched that video practically every single day! Well, within two weeks I closed over $6,000.00 in new clients! I was soon the busiest trainer at that gym and continued to be so until I left.

I now have my own personal training business and still use the great information from Bedros' system in my sales presentations. Selling is no longer a mystery to me. Thanks, Bedros!


"I used to work in some big-box gyms that really had their training sales presentations nailed down (I wonder if Bedros was part of that...).

Anyway, after I left the corporate world to train on my own, I let myself get away from my well-practiced sales presentations that had helped me sign up so many clients... I bought the Close Clients system to get back on track... I'm happy to tell you that Close clients not only got me back on track, but it took my presentations to a whole new level! It's sooo much easier to retain clients when they've already paid up front for a 12 month package! Not to mention it really helps me help my clients get better results. Clients work harder when they're already invested. No more tire kickers training with me and draining my energy! I should also mention that I have a 6-figure training studio now, and I use the things I learned from the Close Clients system to make more steady growing stream of income every year! Thnx Bedros!

If you're on the fence about getting Close Clients, get off the fence and get the video now! It willl change your business and change your life!


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"Before watching Close Clients, my sales presentation was all over the place. I never knew what to say next or how to overcome objections. I basically left the closing conversation to chance and went along with whatever the customer wanted. After watching Close Clients, I close more deals than ever. My income has gone from barely 5k/month to upwards of 9-10K each month thanks to this system."


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I've asked Joshua Carter, one of my top coaching clients and Facebook traffic hacker to share with you his best performing Facebook ads, promotions, posts, and list building tactics. In this three part tutorial training videos you'll lean…

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I'm make the ALL NEW Close Clients sales training, sales presentation video, and the Close Clients script and sales diagram manual PLUS the bonus Close Clients 2.0 footage and training module go for only $197.

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Look, right now you are just one click away from getting your hands on the most tried and true personal training sales system ever.

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Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Remember this is a proven system duplicated time and time again with amazing results. If you're closing less than 90% of the prospects that you talk to, or if you're selling single session, small blocks of 10 or 20 session, or just month to month boot camp programs then this system is guaranteed to increase your closing ratio, size of average sales, and net income within 30 days. You owe it to yourself to try it out and see why over 9,200 fitness professionals worldwide swear by this system... click here now >>

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